My passion for art and technology led me to get a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts that later exposed me to a multi-disciplinary career that has included working as a multimedia designer and photographer.

I find great joy in  creative expressions such as photography, sculpting and all sorts of handmade projects. Therefore, I have worked with a long list of artistic mediums and various software.

How can my skills help you or your project?

In the Photography Arena:  The combination of technical and artistic skills add a different dimension to photographing you or your project.  When photographing people, my intention is to capture relationships and moments. When photographing interiors, my goal is to  highlight and elevate exceptional design. 

In the Fine Arts and Handmade Projects Category: The joy is in the journey!  I love the challenge of  materializing an idea or a sketch. It is tremendously rewarding to make a figurative sculpture out of a block of clay or to become proficient with a new medium.

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