About / Info

I am a photographer based in South Florida currently working with interior designers to create beautiful photographs that showcase their vision and artistry.


My top priority is to deliver images that capture the designer’s vision by carefully planning the composition, using selective lighting techniques, and paying close attention to every detail in the frame.

I use a combination of ambient light and flash exposures that are pieced together to create outstanding images that look natural (where the exteriors are apparent yet slightly overexposed).

I encourage clients to work side-by-side on location to style and craft images that they can proudly showcase to grow their businesses.

Over 15 years ago, I dove into the photography field by learning about portraiture and lighting techniques that I still use today.

I could not get enough out of documenting my surroundings and capturing the best in people. I was quickly blessed with referrals and amazing clients who embraced my work and allowed me to capture portraits and milestones in their lives. Fast-forward a few years, and my professional focus shifted towards interior photography.

For me, life is more interesting when working on a variety of projects. I love the challenge of learning new skills; from photography techniques to design to arts. When I am not on location shooting or editing, I am likely engaged in other artistic ventures or better yet, spending time with my family in sunny Florida!

faq / about booking a session

As soon as you can estimate the project completion. I can set aside two tentative dates since we all know project deadlines may change.

After our initial conversation, you will receive a link to a booking proposal or invoice that will allow you to submit a session deposit.  A deposit is required to secure a session date.

The cost of a photo shoot varies considering that each project has different goals, specs and needs. A budget conversation will determine the amount of time that can be allocated for shooting and editing. It is a time saver for both of us to know if we are a good fit early on.   You can also maximize your session budget with savings up to 50% when you and other parties share the cost of your photoshoot.

We can discuss your options based on your particular project and session expectations. Contact Catalina to schedule a call. 

Absolutely, please let me know in advance if you would like to share the cost of the session/licensing rights with a third party.

 You will receive a Single-Party, Non-Transferable Image License unless a different license is agreed upon on writing.

Absolutely! This guarantees that all the angles/areas the client considers crucial are photographed. Many clients leave this decision up to the photographer, but please know that we can come up with a list together on-location or in advance (Feel free to send me quick snapshots of the project).

Yes, we can preview the images on an iPad while remotely connected to my camera. I welcome feedback anytime.

3-5 days after the session you will be provided with a link to an online gallery where you can review your images.  

Photo session dates can be changed within 48 of the scheduled date due to extraordinary circumstances.  Session will be re-scheduled upon Catalina’s availability. Session fees are non-refundable.

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